Obern Trail

Goleta Biking

Obern Trail

5986 Sandspit Road, Goleta, CA 93117

The Goleta “Obern Trail” Bike Path, is a nicely paved, flat, twenty-one mile loop of beachside views. The bike route starts/ends at Goleta Beach providing easy parking and the amenities such as water fountains and restrooms before taking off. Enjoy Beachside Bar Cafe or the snack bar at the pier for a refuel after your ride. Along the ride, you’ll travel through UCSB’s coastal campus, tours through the lemon groves, some of Santa Barbara proper and past the location of some old Chumash villages, before ending back at Goleta Beach. The bike route is well marked with a designated two-way pathway that isn’t very fit for dogs as a result of heavy human traffic.

Following Atascadero Creek, a dirt road runs adjacent to much of the path offering a softer dirt surface for runners.

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