Explore Goleta’s Best Flavour

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1. Explore Goleta’s Best Flavors

Foodies flock to Goleta. The rich soil, nearby Santa Barbara Channel, and warm, sunny climate render this area incredibly bountiful in producing fresh flavors. If you want to taste your way through town, we’ve provided you with a comprehensive guide to some of Goleta’s distinguishing restaurants and farmers markets.

Fresh and Natural:

While the sustainable and locavore trends have really only just caught on across the country, they have been a way of life in Goleta as long as people have dined here. Nearby ranches, farms and rich earth make it easy to source local, organic food. Enjoy some of the area’s natural flavors and healthy menus with this itinerary.

2. Farmer’s Market

Head to Camino Real Marketplace every Sunday from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. for the freshest produce around.

3. Backyard Bowls

Backyard Bowls places special emphasis on organic, sustainable, and locally produced foods. For a fresh, flavorful way to start the day, try one of their famous acai bowls, all of which combine unique flavors, and pack a powerful punch.

4. Natural Café

Grilled Salmon Pesto, Ranchero Chicken Quesadilla, Albacore Salad. These are just a few of the choices you’ll find at The Natural Café, which offers everything from apps to sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, and poultry and fish dishes. Everything is made with the freshest, healthiest and most natural ingredients available.

5. Jane at the Marketplace

Named for a grandmother with a flare for adventure and a love of good food, Jane at the Marketplace features a dinner menu that is equal parts fresh, simple flavors and elegant, savory dishes. Cap an excellent day in The Goodland with a menu that features burgers, poultry and meat entrees, fresh fish, and veggie dishes.



  1. Farmer’s Market

    About Farmer's Market The Santa Barbara Certified Farmers Market Association is a non-profit mutual benefit corporation that was founded in 1983 to provide California farmers with direct access at landmark locations to market their agricultural products directly to the local community. Our Association of 130 grower members, owned and operated by the members and its…
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  2. Backyard Bowls

    Backyard Bowls is an eco-friendly eatery offering tasty acai bowls, smoothies & more using all-natural & organic ingredients.
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  3. Natural Cafe

    Natural Cafe offers the freshest, healthiest, and most natural ingredients available to give you great tasting, healthy dishes. Salads, veggie burgers, sandwiches, pizza, and daily lunch and dinner specials!
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  4. Jane at the Marketplace

    Jane is a family owned and operated business. The restaurant is named Jane, who loved all people and welcomed everyone into her home. We hope that this restaurant will live up to her warm persona and that you will be able to enjoy our family recipes and friendly service.
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This small town packs a big punch when it comes to dining. Foodies will want to maximize the flavor with this comprehensive itinerary that highlights Goleta’s many restaurants and dining options.