A Great Place to Play

Let The Goodland Times Roll

This is The Good Land and the long list of ways to play while you’re in Goleta lives up to the title. Adventure is endless and activity is all around you. For example, Goleta’s protected bays are an excellent place to take up stand-up paddleboarding, or simply spend the day seaside with the family. Hope you like dolphins, because you’re very likely to see some. Venture just north or south, and you’ll arrive at some of the best surf breaks in the world.

You can take the adrenaline down a notch without impacting the awe-factor with some fishing or bird watching. The special Wandering Tattler, California Thrasher, and Great Crested Flycatcher can all be spotted here.

Then head inland where a vast system of hiking trails winds into the mountains just beyond town, and invites you to explore the area’s stunning geological roots. The history doesn’t end there. Rancho La Patera & Stow House and the Railroad Museum tell the tale of Goleta’s past, and how The Goodland came to be so.

If you’re one for the greens, then make sure to pack your clubs — golfing in Goleta is world-class with three impressive courses to choose from.

Or simply relax. That’s right. Turn off the phone. Let the office know you’ll see them later. For now, you’re going to revel in a spa day, or pitch a tent along coastline unlike any other.

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