5 Ways to Make Summer Family Memories, Goleta Style

5 Ways to Make Summer Family Memories, Goleta Style

May 21, 2018

Making meaningful memories with your loved ones is one of life’s greatest treasures—and in Goleta, California, that’s easy to do.

Thanks to beautiful weather year-round, lush outdoor landscapes, plenty of delicious food to fill your belly and no shortage of family-friend recreation, Goleta is the perfect place for your family to enjoy a low-pressure, high-satisfaction adventure off the beaten path. Here, you can forget about all of your troubles and focus on what matters most: the people you care about.

To help you get started, we’ve put together a guide to all the things you’ll need to make this summer vacation one of your best yet. Read our guide to Goleta Style memory-making for inspiration, then book your summer getaway!

1.Feel the Fresh Air

Woman overlooking Lake Los Carneros Photo Credit: Esther Swen and Lindsay Chin-Jones of BayAreaBuzz

Exploy the region’s scenic views, as well as its beautiful flora and fauna, by getting outdoors in Goleta!

Take advantage of Goleta’s wonderful weather by getting outdoors. The region features several locales that will get your family under the sun, full of fresh air and feeling fine—for free!

  • Lake Los Carneros: Explore local wildlife and enjoy a leisurely stroll (or bike ride) along Lake Los Carneros, a hidden gem in Goleta that’s sure to capture the interest of the whole family for an afternoon. While you’re there, check out the historic Stow House, or pop over to the Railroad Museum—all easily accessible.

  • Ellwood Bluffs: Share an amazing panoramic of Goleta’s coastline with your family at the Ellwood Bluffs. Here, you can fly kites, take a family bicycle ride, or examine the region’s many beautiful wildflowers.

  • Campus Point: Splash into summer at Campus Point, where the whole family can enjoy an iconic beach day, complete with boogie-boarding, sandcastle-building, surfing and just splashing around! While there, consider stopping by The Reef—the University of Santa Barbara’s interactive aquarium exhibit.

2. Focus On Imagination and Enrichment

A young child is bowling under blacklight at Zodo's Bowling and Beyond in downtown Goleta.

An adrenaline rush—or something to inspire the imagination—is always around the corner in Goleta.

Build exciting experiences into your trip with activities that will teach your family new things, get them moving, and leave them with ideas that they can take with them after the vacation ends.

  • South Coast Railroad Museum: Captivate your family’s imagination and share in an educational experience at the South Coast Railroad Museum, which will transport you to another place in time with its historical exhibits and incredible detail.

  • Zodo’s Bowling and Beyond: You’re sure to strike a win with the whole family at Zodo’s bowling and beyond, thanks to its glow bowling, arcade, indulgent snacks and happy hour for the adults. This is the perfect place to spend an afternoon or evening enjoying active leisure with the whole family.

  • Ice in Paradise: Take a break from the warm sun and cool off with indoor ice skating at Ice In Paradise, where public skating and other winter-sports activities are available all year round.

3. Feed Your Family Foodie

Image of a large burger with an egg topping and coleslaw at Kahuna Grill in Goleta.

Hungry? No problem! Goleta’s plethora of restaurants means there’s something tasty for everyone in the family to enjoy.

Start your trip off on a comfortable note by establishing a solid home base. In Goleta, this is easy to do thanks to the region’s range of cozy accommodations—suitable for any budget and size of family.

  • The Residence Inn: With its proximity to regional landmarks, a sparkling pool, and shuttles to and from the airport, this modern and comfortable hotel is perfect for families who need convenience above all else. Check in, drop off your bags, and coast into a few days of absolute relaxation.

  • Pacifica Suites: Spacious and welcoming, Pacifica Suites feel more like a home than a hotel. Your family will love resting their heads here after a long day of Goleta adventure, which isn’t far away thanks to this hotel’s central location near the 101 Highway.

  • Best Western Plus South Coast Inn: Located in the heart of Goleta and great for families, this coastal hotel lets you focus on having fun together while offering perfectly cozy accommodations.

5. Fill Up Your Family Photo Album

Although vacations have to come to an end, memories can last forever. Before you head out, make sure to snap a few photos to commemorate your time in Goleta—and consider ending your trip with a family meal or spa treatment, taking just a little bit of Goleta relaxation with you on your way out.

A young boy holding a selfie stick at Fairview Gardens in Goleta, California. Photo Credit: Nate and Chelsea Day

Share the magic of agriculture with your family at any of Goleta’s farms and farmer’s markets.

  • Fairview Gardens: Bite into local goods and get a behind-the-scenes look of Goleta’s agricultural offerings at Fairview Gardens, where your family can enjoy educational workshops, try farm-to-table foods and commune with nature any day of the week.

  • Goodland Organics: This local farm is home to a number of unique crops grown in Goleta, including cherimoyas, finger limes, and coffee beans! Here, your family can enjoy intimate farm tours and learn about crops that impact their everyday lives.

  • Hollister Village Plaza: Head to Hollister Village Plaza for tasty bites, convenient shopping and day spa services for the family fashionista.

Time passes, things change, and little ones grow up—but memories last a lifetime. In Goleta, with its sweeping, crystal coast, lush greenery and endless opportunities for fun, those memories will be warm recollections that bring a smile to the face of you and your loved ones for years to come. So, what are you waiting for? Book your summer trip today.

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