Bites, (Golf) Balls and Brews: Active Relaxation, Goleta Style

Bites, (Golf) Balls and Brews: Active Relaxation, Goleta Style

May 8, 2018

True relaxation is the name of the game here in Goleta, California—the west coast home to down to earth, coastal bliss.

Between the rolling emerald hills of its golf courses, roaring ocean waves and rejuvenating year-round sunshine, Goleta sets the standard for what laid-back vacationing should be. And, when you add the city’s vibrant breweries and eateries to the mix, it’s easy to see why a Goleta Style day is a perfect one.

But don’t just take our word for it. Instead, check out four different ways to enjoy active relaxation in Goleta, then give it a shot for yourself!

Family of five flying a kite on a hiking trail overlooking the ocean.

Goleta offers an array of fabulous family time experiences. Photo Credit: Nate and Chelsea Day

For Family Time Champions

Although family trips are laid out with the best intentions, it isn’t always easy to get everyone on the same page when it comes to having fun. Fortunately, Goleta takes the edge off of that challenge by offering all types of family fun that is easy-to-access.

  • Bites: With a family in tow, “grab and go” is the ideal breakfast situation. Try The Worker Bee Cafe, with plenty of coffee, pastries and high-quality, easy breakfast fare that you can chow down quickly or take along for your adventures.

  • Balls: Once breakfast has been taken care of, you can cruise into the main order of the day: frisbee golf and a family picnic at Evergreen Park! Work up a sweat or chow down on a picnic at this massive disc golf course, complete with picnic tables to relax at and a children’s play area for your little ones.

  • Brews: As the day begins to wind down, stop by Hollister Brewing Company to quench your thirst and fill up on hearty, American style food with enough options for the whole family.

  • Beds: Unwind after a day of adventure and find your family’s home away from home at the Residence Inn or Pacifica Suites.

Image of a putting green overlooking the ocean in Goleta

Goleta’s golf courses are some of the most beautiful and challenging in the region. Photo Credit: Patrick Koenig

For the Experienced Golfer

While Goleta offers an array of exciting and fun experiences for travelers of all kinds, it can’t be denied that one of the city’s greatest treasures is its golf courses. For golf aficionados, a Goleta Style trip could easily fill a number of days.

  • Balls: This is evidenced by the beauty and challenge of each course, but especially at Rancho San Marcos, a spot that experienced golfers shouldn’t miss. Established in 1998 and meticulously designed by famed golf architect Robert Trent Jones, Jr., this challenging golf course has remained a highlight of the region in the eyes of golf enthusiasts for two decades.

  • Bites: Before you start what is sure to be an exciting-but-tough day on the green, it’s a good idea to fill up with an energizing meal at Cajun Kitchen. Their protein-rich selections will prime you to operate in peak-physical condition as you challenge mind and body on the course. Be sure to balance your breakfast fuel with a plate of beignets – your taste buds will thank us!

  • Brews: Following your day on the green, stop by to celebrate with a pint or so at Captain Fatty’s, whose range of ales, IPAs and lagers will leave you feeling satisfied with a great day of golf.

  • Beds: Turn in after a long day of swings and swigs at the Hampton Inn or the Courtyard by Marriott.

Two paddle boarders out on the ocean

Goleta is home to lush, green landscapes, stunning shores and sunny weather year round—meaning a breathtaking view is never far. Photo Credit: Erin Feinblatt

For Serene Scenic Seekers

Sometimes we get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life that we don’t take time to stop and appreciate the staggering beauty of life and all its details. That can leave us feeling tired and more than a little uninspired. Luckily, in Goleta, the remedy isn’t hard to find – use this guide for a serene day outdoors:

  • Bites: Start your day with a luxurious al fresco brunch at the Ritz-Carlton Bacara’s Bistro, where a California-style breakfast is sure to fuel you up for a day of rejuvenating leisure.

  • Balls: Just footsteps away from The Ritz-Carlton Bacara property, you can recharge your mental battery at Sandpiper Golf Club. Here, you’ll be soothed by sounds of the Pacific Ocean’s roaring waves and the swing of your golf club is framed by incredible mountain and oceanside views.

  • Brews: Once you’ve finished your run at Sandpiper, cool off with a round of small-batch craft beer in the tasting room at Draughtsman Ale Works, whose familiar ales and IPAs will help you coast into a relaxing evening.

  • Beds: Close each day of your adventure with stylistically stunning offerings from the Ritz-Carlton Bacara or The Goodland.

Three guys sharing conversation and beer at M Special Brewery in Goleta

Unwind with a fun time at M Special. Photo Credit: Erin Feinblatt

For Fun-Loving Groups

When traveling in a larger group, it’s important to pick activities that everyone can easily participate in together, in a setting everyone will enjoy.

  • Balls: At the highly renowned Glen Annie Golf Club, appealing to the whole group is easy. Situated in the fabulous foothills of Goleta—where you can see the Santa Ynez mountains, sweeping lemon trees and the cascading Pacific Ocean in the distance—Glen Annie is a first-class golf course with enough amenities to keep any group occupied for hours.

  • Bites: While some of the group enjoys some of the best golf on the west coast, others can enjoy delicious and fair-priced lunch and cocktails at Glen Annie’s Frog Bar & Grill. The view from the grill makes this a spot that your group can easily enjoy for hours, pleasantly passing a morning.

  • Brews: After the round of golf has wrapped up for the day, gather your group and head to M. Special to keep the revelry going. With craft brews, trivia, outdoors games and live music, M. Special is the perfect spot to cap off the night—or to get it started.

  • Beds: Enjoy peace of mind and easy accommodations that suit everyone’s budget and needs at the Hilton Garden Inn, Best Western South Coast Inn, or Super 8.

No matter what kind of adventure you’re looking for, Goleta’s leisurely central coast vibe and host of activities, breweries and points of interest mean you’re destined to have a good time. With temperate weather and a friendly, open vibe year-round, now is the perfect time to plan your Goleta Style Getaway.

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