Get Away, Goleta Style

Get Away, Goleta Style

Goleta Style.

It’s on the coast, but down to earth. It’s that comfortable feeling you get when you’re away from the hustle and bustle and able to focus on what’s important: good company and great memories.

Go for joy, stay for gorgeous beaches, bites, sips, and laughs with the whole family in Goleta, California.

We invited a few of our friends to experience #GoletaStyle for themselves—here are their stories.

what is Goleta Style?
“It’s comfortable, casual California. It’s much more laid back—everything’s here, everything’s accessible, and that leaves us a lot more time to just take advantage of everything Goleta has to offer.” @somedayilllearn
“There was a lot of adventure for us in Goleta… to be able to go surfing and hiking, it was a really nice surprise for us.” - @bucketlistjourney
“It’s a charming small town… it seems like you’re on vacation, and yet you’re at home as well.” - @bucketlistjourney
“It’s hard as a family of six to find entertainment for everyone all at once, but we had it, right there.” - @somedayilllearn
“Goleta is very unique because it has a small town feel, but there’s still a lot of things to do. It’s beautiful, it has it all—the seaside and the mountains.” - @bayarea_buzz
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